Three ‘B’s of life

November, 2013

“Believe. Become.” is the tagline of a cricket gear, clothing & accessories company (SG) in India that caught my attention. My cricket-enthusiast son had proudly displayed it on his Whatsapp. With Sachin’s life and times being all over the place on social media as well as print and television, I couldn’t help but reflect on whether he ‘became’ what he is only because he ‘believed’ or was there something else in between. You will agree while the ‘belief’ in himself gave him loads of confidence it was the sheer passion, complete commitment, persistent hard work, strict discipline, deep determination, sharp focus, relentless practice, love for the game and the desire to excel every time he went out to bat was what helped him ‘become’ the iconic cricket star !

Believe. Become – after this what else ? Is it not important to also ‘Be’ – stay and sustain the position of excellence and eminence for extended periods ? Legends from various fields are made of sterner stuff so that they “Believe. Become. Be.” Let’s take this path to excellence and make it a habit !

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