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July, 2019

Hi Folks

Much water has flown under the bridge over the last 2 weeks – apart from the much awaited Budget, nail-biting finale at the ICC World Cup Cricket, closely fought Wimbeldon Tennis Finals, Hima Das’s 3rd gold at the Kladno Memorial Athletics Meet, ISRO’s efforts at Chandrayaan-2, we have witnessed political theatrics, triumphs & tribulations. This is all public news and everyone with a social media presence (which means almost every single person you and I know!) has added his cent or two about this. Personally I prefer listening live to great personalities and distilling their talk. Leaves a deep impression in me and keeps me recharged from time to time. Let me share some beautiful thoughts & perspectives that I gathered from the 20th National Conference of Practising Company Secretaries that was held on 5th & 6th of July, 2019 at Bangalore:

✤ In the context of our Institute’s motto “Satyam Vada || Dharmam Chara” (Speak the Truth || Abide by the Law) what is the difference between Ruta & Satya ?
✤ Ruta is the Unspoken Truth – “What I know is true”. It becomes Satya, the Spoken Truth – “When I speak it out”.
✤ Convenient opinion given by professionals is unethical.
✤ Intellectual dishonesty is rampant.
✤ Values are not taught, they are demonstrated.
✤ Value is the Goal – Ethics is the Path. Ethics is what I practise everyday.
✤ Professional excellence comes from personal excellence
✤ Expansion is life. Contraction is death. Life is a continuous process (in the light of changing regulations).
✤ Ancient education focussed on Perception, Grahike (absorption) & Anubhavati (partake, experience). Crux of education was developing concentration of the mind to see ourselves as the truth.

These are just a few. Thanks to the opportunity to compere the event, I took down the above points from Dr. Gururaj Karjagi’s & Swami Tadyuktananda’s speeches. Dr. Karjagi’s full 15 mins electrifying talk on values and ethics which included an interesting demonstrative experiment is a must watch. Please look up on youtube or write to me for the link. Signing off for now as I leave you reflecting on these eternal, universal truths !

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