Unwinding… the best therapy

July, 2015

Not doing anything. Just lost in thoughts. Dreaming. Gazing. Imagining. Wondering…..all these activities seem to suggest that a person is not productive. Not working. Not utilising his time well. Not efficient. In fact it has become a luxury to be able to NOT DO ANYTHING AND JUST DREAM. Just laze around. In this millennium of constant activity, 24 hours connectivity, 360 degree feedback, end to end information, back to back communication where is the time for a worthless thing like not being connected, not doing anything, not staying in touch ? It appears all this is possible only if you sign up for a residential yoga or meditation or rejuvenation programme where you pay through your nose to live frugally, eat minimally, remain silent and cut yourself off from the outside world.

May be not, may be you can slip into this UNWINDING phase if you can step into Alice’s shoes for once. Alice in Wonderland – the famous character all of us are familiar with since childhood turned 150 in June. The 7 ½ year old lovable little girl fell into a rabbit hole and opened up a dreamland to all of us, her readers. Perhaps it is time we travel back in the time wrap and learn to dream and unwind……….the most inexpensive rejuvenation therapy, if you ask me.

Well, reality is different…………it is the Greek economic tragedy, it is the ecstatic Wimbeldon victories, it is the stunning IPL verdicts, it is the eye-popping ecomm valuations, it is the exponential start-ups growth story, it is the shocking Vyapam scam…………..and of course closer to us, the unromantic, daily grind of keeping in touch with the regulatory changes.

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