Watch yourself

June, 2012

“Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching”. Whether the world is watching, regulators are watching, shareholders are watching, customers are watching, employees are watching, competitors are watching, media is watching or not – it is not about who is watching. The moot question is ARE YOU WATCHING YOURSELF ? IS YOUR CONSCIENCE WATCHING YOU ??

With increasing scams and frauds due to lack of probity and integrity in almost everything around us it is difficult not to sound cynical but yes, there is a huge deficit – not revenue deficit, budget deficit, monsoon deficit or sales deficit but INTEGRITY DEFICIT. With intense pressure on targets, deadlines, topline, bottom-line, cash flows, compliances etc. and the urge to beat expectations from investors, parent companies, markets etc. it is tempting to take the shortest path available but just step back for a moment and change roles – BECOME A SELF WATCHDOG. Let your conscience do the talking before your words become deeds.

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