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December, 2018

It is rare that you begin the year and end it doing something you love. For me it was Music. 2018 was very fulfilling in that sense for me. I began the year listening to some soulful music on New Year Day hosted by Nadasurabhi Cultural Association in Koramangala, Bangalore that turned 25 this year. A small voice inside me prompted me to commit a substantial corpus fund towards the music concerts being hosted so beautifully by this organisation over the years. This took the shape of a resolve in me over the months. It was not until September that I could actually arrange for the corpus amount as donation in the memory of my late mother who was a music connoisseur and critic. When I actually accomplished this, I felt immensely happy and contented. I realised it is not enough to come up with some New Year Resolution. It requires internalisation of the resolve to actualise it. Holds true for anything we want to achieve. Else we are wont to find excuses for not doing. At the end of the year again, I had the opportunity to enjoy a few days of December month Madras, Music Sabhas where the musicians (age ranging from mid 20s to mid 90s !) transported us to a different world through mesmerising, musical melodies. This again began as a doubtful resolve but gained strength through the year and I am glad I could do it.

Talking of resolve and actualisation, I can’t hold myself from talking about my young nephew who has been dreaming about going to the US for a Masters right from his school days. So what’s special about him ? So many engineers like him dream of studying abroad and actually do it. He is different because he has a strong resolve, a master motive that no detractor is able to sway. He is crystal clear with his thoughts and set goals in life. He has a clear vision about where he will be 5 years down the line and 20 years hence. Despite losing his father in his final year engineering, he has never given any excuse to achieve. Where is he getting the drive from ? During a casual conversation with him recently, I realised that it was not just the lure of going to the US or earning money. It is his passion for Math and the love for what he is doing – AI and Machine Learning. I think that is the key difference. Do you have the passion in you ? If not, can you find it ? Can you find a higher purpose in what you are doing ? If yes, success and happiness will come to you. Work will no more be stressful. It will bring joy and verve in life. So, the takeaway for me for 2019 is “Go, find your passion !”.

It is exactly this passion that keeps Mr. Vittala Rao, Management Consultant going strong even in his 70s. He has contributed an interesting article on “Compliance Management & Corporate Governance” in this 203rd issue of Samhita. He carries 50+ years of rich, corporate & advisory experience and is still rearing to go, actively involved in labour law matters. I wish my 21 year old nephew as well as the 70+ years Rao much success and happiness in 2019 and beyond. They inspire us to find our passion and enjoy what we do.

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