Welcome 2020!!

December, 2019

Hi Folks

Between 2019 and 2020, there is just a difference of 1 year. Infact between 31st and 1st it is the same 24 hours cycle as between any 2 days of the year. Yet, the transition is significant since it is the end of the ‘teens’ so to say, as the year steps in to a ‘matured 20’, heralding the beginning of a new decade for humanity. Let’s take a leap of faith in ourselves and the people around us so that together we build a Better Tomorrow – away from conflict to consensus, from disorder to direction, from sorrow to song, from poverty to prosperity, from mistrust to trust – something that we will be proud of and our future generations will be grateful for.

As I look back on the decade that went by, I am grateful for all the Ups and Downs and thankful for the strength and support received. As I look ahead, I am hopeful of a more fulfilling life. As I look around, I do see a lot of helpful people – ordinary people with no great power or position, no special expectations, who simply want to touch others’ lives in their own way, in their seemingly day to day activities. Despite the overwhelming pessimism and cynicism from the nay-sayers. Yes, these are the people who keep humanity alive and remind us of gratitude & hope.

I draw inspiration from observing such ordinary people I meet in my life rather than some celebrities that I only read of. Jayanti is one such young lady I saw in the Diagnostic Lab on a busy Monday morning when I had registered myself for some routine health check-ups. She was smart, efficient, helpful, welcoming and well-dressed. She wore the best accessory – I mean a beautiful SMILE that stayed throughout the day. Single-handedly she managed about 100 patients welcoming them as if it were a family function, addressing every single person by name, guiding them which test to take after what, enquiring if they had drunk enough water, if they had had breakfast, reminding them to keep their bladder full, giving them a helping hand wherever required, directing the staff to escort senior citizens and sick people – all with a genuine smile and warmth that we rarely find today in a stressed job at the counter where people are impatient and anxious. The best part was she was a multi-linguist speaking in 5-6 different languages with utmost ease and comfort, each time remembering which patient is from which part of India. The confidence and assurance she exuded ensured that patients were all relaxed and smiling. Perhaps it showed in their reports too ! I bet even an Alexa or a Siri cannot perform as efficiently as Jayanti did – even if they could, can they radiate the human smile and the warm spirit ? As for me, I am carrying the happy images of a smiling, helpful Jayanti – grateful for people like her and hopeful of her clan to grow. Let us continue to foster this inherent characteristics of a human being even in a technology driven decade of the 20s !!

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