Joy of giving – Welcome 2018!!!!

The first issue of 2017 carried Prof. Vasanthi Srinivasan’s (IIMB) pointers towards What Future Ready Leadership Means –

*Capacity to anticipate unintended changes
*Prognosis-diagnosis, Proscribe-prescribe and Diagnose-derisk
*Alliance Building
*One thing you will acquire that you didn’t last year

We are at the close of 2017. A good time to reflect and ponder over which of the above we did as leaders. Each one of us is a leader in our own way in our lives. I don’t believe a leader is one who is appointed as such, elected as such and occupies a certain position in an organisation. Leadership means taking ownership. Taking responsibility. Being accountable. Taking risks. Taking the team along. Taking a stand. Walking the talk. Walking the untrodden path. Listening. Learning. Letting go. Empowering. Empathising and many more……..A leader could be in the world (may be space in future!). In a nation. In a company. In a club. In a community. In a group. In a family. In an event or even in a specific situation. Of course each of these requires different leadership abilities, qualities and styles.

Alliance Building is one of the bedrocks of a strong leadership. The key to it is creating and nurturing lasting relationships. The real key lies in giving. Giving without expectations. It is an universal truth that Givers Gain. Give by empathising with the other person. Give after understanding his needs. Give before he/she asks. Give anticipating what would be best for him/her. The joy in such Giving is immeasurable. Deeply enriching. Soulfully satisfying. Highly transformational…….to the Giver !!

I found this when I referred many clients to my business associates without a referral fee, with the sole aim of ensuring that my client gets the best service and the business associate gets to grow his business. I found this when I connected a Life Coach to a promising startup couple that required a growth mentor. A seeding done years ago is now blossoming. I felt deeply gratified when I could offer some work opportunity to one of my close family members who was going through personal grief. It was a second innings at work and a corporate-comeback of sorts for this person. I felt elated when rest of my team members took this to a new high by voluntarily training this new employee and readying her as a key contributor. I had empowered them and they were now empowering her. What better joy than this ? I felt satisfied that one of my team members could achieve her personal goals of acquiring an asset and I had a small role to play in that. I experienced the joy of giving right advice (of what they needed rather than what they wanted) to some of our sincere customers who are doing wonderfully well now. Many a times, I gave time and space to family members in their own time of highs and lows. It did wonders too for the relationship.

I am getting back all of this and more right from my housemaid to driver to the dhobhiwallah to the shopkeeper to family members to friends to associates. Small gestures. Poignant moments that make life worth living. If all this is not alliance building for life, what else is ?

Unfortunately I am not an avid Kannada reader but as the famous Kannada poet, Rashtrakavi Kuvempu’s 113th birthday is being celebrated today, I would like to leave you with his famous words “O Nanna Chethana, Aagu Nee Anikethana” meaning “Be unhoused O my soul, only the Infinite is your goal”.

Wishing you all an inspiring, fulfilling & joyful 2018 !

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