Yeh kaun Chitraakar hai kaun Chitraakar

September, 2017

I am told August 19th is designated as World Photography Day. Objective is to “share photographer’s world with the world”. Do we really need a day for this in today’s world where every moment seems to be a photographer’s moment, what with selfies, facebook and instagram playing out our lives in the public. Everyone is a photographer so to say. Every moment is a photo-op moment. So much so that I wonder if we have forgotten to ‘live the moment and live for the moment’ ! We seem to be lost more in capturing the moment to share with others than savouring it when in it.
Well, if photography is an art, who could be the artist of these beautiful creations….

Be it the Kanchenjunga sunrise, be it the still waters of the Kukkanahalli lake in Mysore, be it the frozen mountains melting into the Tsongo lake, be it the greenery, the Chitrakaar or Artist can be the one and only HIM. The following lyrics from an old 1967 Hindi film “Boond jo ban gaye moti” describe the wonderment best :

“Hari hari vasundhara pe neela neela ye gagan
Ke jis pe baadalon ki paalaki uda raha pawan
Dishaayen dekho mgabhari, chamak rahi umngabhari
Ye kis ne ful ful pe kiya singaar hai
Yeh kaun chitrakaar hai, yeh kaun chitrakaar” (who is this artist, who is this artist?)

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